Keeping Cool While Camping

One of the hardest things about camping, especially during the warmer months, is keeping cool throughout the night. Sure, you could leave the door to your camper open, but that could mean unintentionally inviting unwanted guests in. Another option is purchasing one of the Sirroco 12 volt fans available on the market. The fan is an item which can be added to your 4wd camping accessories kit for when you need to take it along. When camping, it can be difficult to find somewhere to place a fan to keep cool – in a tent you usually don’t have the option of hanging it up somewhere, and if you do find somewhere to hang it, there’s potential it could fall down and knock you on the head. Fans such as the Sirroco fan stand up so you can place them either on the ground of the tent or on a small stand. If using in a tent, you may need to look into options to power your fan. If you have a campervan or caravan, a fan can be installed into the roof of the van allowing for maximum cooling without taking up space. A fan which can provide 360 degrees of rotation is perfect for use folding camping chairs, allowing for cooler air through multiple sections of the van.

Choosing the right fan for your camping trip can be mindboggling – there are so many options offering different things. Apart from a fan which has full rotation, you will also want a fan that is easily installed (if you are looking at a camper van option) or a fan that has a sturdy base (if looking for a tent option). Considering you go camping to get away from everything, the last thing you will want is a noisy fan. Before heading off, make sure your fan is quiet and won’t disturb you during the night.

A fan is something you can easily install at home prior to heading off. You can buy ones that have an adhesive bottom, or ones that are permanently fixed. A permanently fixed fan is great for a van that is used consistently or for long trips. You may however want to use a fan which can be adhesively fixed if you only use your van occasionally. Of course, you will also want a fan that is within your budget. This is an area where a more expensive fan is likely to do a better job than a cheap one. The more expensive option is likely to be of better quality, lasting for a lot longer and doing a better job than a cheap one. Installing a fan within your camper van or caravan, or having the option of using one in your tent while camping can make the experience more enjoyable with items bought from camping store Sydney. Make sure you visit a camping specialist to get the best fan for your needs.