How To Fix A Hairline Crack In Your Car Window In 4 Basic Steps

Vehicle windows are very often the most susceptible to dents, cracks and scratches. Although, most people think that repairing even small cracks in car windows are a job for the professionals, however, although it might take a little effort, it is not impossible to repair them yourself especially if they are hairline cracks. Keep reading to follow a few basic steps that you can take in order to fix such damages in your car windows.


Make sure to do a thorough inspection of your car before you set about fixing the damages as there might be additional cracks and dents in other places such as the back window or the windshield. When it comes to the windshields, most often these require special attention or even a windscreen replacement at Onslow as there should not be any compromise on windshield as it would affect the driving. Identify the type and magnitude of the crack for you to properly evaluate the steps needed to fix it by yourself or if you will need overall professional help to fix it.

Repair kit

After a thorough inspection and evaluation, you can purchase what is called a windscreen repair kit that is called “bridge kit” that is used for DIY car window repairs. A car service would also be able to fix smaller hairline cracks however; this kit would be a relatively cheaper option. The kits comprise of suction cups that can be attached or latched on to the window and are usually the best options in the market. It is readily available to purchase in any hardware, retail store or auto supplies store.


It is important to first clean the area free of dust, dirt or any loose glass or debris. Using a metal probe to clean the window is best. The metal probe is then used to create a bull’s eye crack at edge of the hairline crack in the window. This can be done by gently tapping on window making sure that the inner plastic surface of the window glass is not damaged. This will prevent any further cracks or widening of the hairline crack.

Injecting the resin

Next, the resin that is supplied in the bridge kit must be filled in to the injector as the instructions given and the bridge apparatus is place in a way that the injector faces the crack directly above. Make sure the suction cups are secured in place. The resin is then injected in to the crack and gently removed from the window after the crack has been filled. The resin is kept to harden and dry using an artificial UV lamp.