Hiring Cars – How To Get The Best Deal To Save Money?

The joy of seeing a new destination with a road trip gives greater happiness. But, one of the most frustrating aspects of travel planning is choosing the right type of fleet and the offers and discounts that they come up with. Though there are many operators that provide best deals, choosing the best deal that would suit us is always tough and needs good research before finalizing the deal.

Advance Booking: When booked in advance, there are chances to get better car rental deals. This would be easy rather than last minutes hassles, which could be stressful and costly. Choose at least one month in advance to probably get good discounts.
Pricing Check: It is always advisable to have a frequent check on the car hire pricing that would help us fix a date as to when the rates are affordable. Check on the booking and cancellation fees and this could give us an idea on the charges. Usually, these companies drop prices when they have more cars waiting at their end and people could use this as an opportunity to negotiate a good deal.

Vehicle Type: Choose wisely the vehicle type based on needs. Generally, people tend to book the costly car, but forget the fact that it has a big impact on the fuel consumption. It is essential to look into the essential features that are required rather than other facilities which might cause more money.

Avoid Airport Rental: Renting a car at the airport generally increases the cost and should be always avoided, unless the situation permits. Choose a service provider that is away from the airport and if the distance is long, hire a taxi to reach the destination and begin your trip after reaching the location of the service provider.

Memberships: In certain cases, credit card companies provide some waiver and offer additional discounts that could be used for travel. Certain cards provide points system for renting car and miles travelled can be utilized for other benefits that the card provides.
Fuels: One tricky thing that needs proper negotiation is the fuel filling. Certain providers provide unlimited mileage, which helps us to travel the distance without worrying on the excess miles. There are usually fuel policies that require us to refill the same amount of fuel that was provided during pick-up. Usually, they charge high for this fuel which should be negotiated.

The above points when considered could help us to save considerable amount of time and money and make our travel experience an unforgettable one.