Parts Of Your Car Which Leads To A Car Breakdown

When you take your car for a ride, unexpected breakdown are to be expected. These breakdowns are so unpredictable that it ranges from a simple fault such as a damaged tire to a more complex type of a breakdown caused by a faulty in the matter what grade the breakdown it is, this will end up making your life miserable. Lets consider the parts in your car which prone to the danger of a breakdown and what can be done to prevent such disasters.

Car keys

Losing and getting a car key stolen is the most common thing that you hear when it comes down to a vehicle breakdown. So it is always wise to have a spare key at home in case your car keys are stolen or lost. Nowadays most of the car keys come with microchips which prevent to be used if stolen. You can also seek out to the services which aid in replacing keys. These services will provide you with a replacement key if your key is lost.


Having a flat wear out is anyones worst nightmare. So it is wise to check the condition of the tires before taking off your vehicle on a ride. Always have a spare wheel in the back of the car just in case you get a flat tire. Getting your tires inflated under the correct pressure, checking the orientation of the tires during a car service Cheltenhamwill furthermore improve the lifespan of your tires.


A high amount of stopping and starting of your vehicle on a short journey can reduce the charge of your car battery by a fair amount. Making the battery to runout of juice to start the vehicle. This can be overcome by taking your car on longer runs in daylight without much use of lights, AC, Interior heating, and Wipers. Longer you run, more opportunity that your battery gets to recharge. Check the battery voltage during the mechanic car service to prevent sudden breakdowns due to battery faults.


The alternator is a component in the engine which recharges your battery when the engine is running. It is quite often for this part of the engine to malfunction because of the high static charges produced during the energy conversion. This is one key reason which leads you to end up having a flat battery. Repairing or replacing an alternator requires the assistance of a skilled vehicle mechanic.

Faulty in above mentioned parts and components of your vehicle causes over 50% of the vehicle breakdowns. So keeping a close eye on those parts will prevent you from having an unexpected breakdown of your ride.